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This blog is about the lesser known but beautiful, wonderful, huge, unique and sometimes bizarre places around the World. Started on January 1, 2009, it is an outcome of my association with Google Earth Community, which I joined on Sept. 29, 2006. Since then I have been regularly flying to almost all the corners of WWW (Whole Wide World) and have virtually adopted the age old motto - Perfect time to see the World is after retirement.

BICKERSTAFF, Robert, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, 210 Strand 1798L-1811P- 9, Clement's Inn 1812P; 49, Essex Street, Strand 1813P-1818P. B. 1758 s. Of Edward B. of Eastwick, Herts.; d. 18 Dec 1835, Great Ormond Street, bun Eastwick. App. Maciarlane, binder in Shoe Lane. Succ. William Brown on his death 1797. Retired Jan. 1818. Collected prints to illustrate his file of Gentleman's Magazine 1731-1830. Bequests to various charities. Nichols iii 635; Timperley 942; Ramsden.

The gardens are very green, in the sense that there is relatively little colour at this time of year, except on the terraces, and whilst impressive from the windows of the castle, you will soon realise when you reach sea level that the box partitions are suffering badly from blight, and that the planting is a little discordant. But there is no disputing the fact that the views of the castle make up for any disappointment in the garden.

The photo for the banner is from the August 2015 sketchcrawl between Horse Guards and The Mall and Trafalgar Square. You can see photos from this sketchcrawl. This is the Group Pool for London Urban Sketchers - which you can apply to join and post your sketches if you've been on a sketchcrawl. Make sure you post your sketches to your Flickr account first!

BEAUMONT, Edward, stationer and bookseller, 43, Beaumont Street, St. Marylebone 1799H-1812P, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury 1813P-1822U. Described as proprietor of circulating library 1802H. BECKET and DE HONDT, booksellers, Strand 17601776K. Thomas Becket and P. De Hondt qq.v. Publ. cats. of books imported 1761 -66. Nichols iii 631.garden bridges

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