Geurie Quarry Trail

Geurie Quarry Trail – A more technical trail across Arthurville Road from Bald Hill. This is a 4.5 km loop trail with some more serious climbs and downhill trails.

The Trail Head is located at the 80km sign along the Arthurville road, heading south from the village, on the left hand side of Arthurville Road. Probably best to ride with someone who knows the trail on your first visit so you don’t get lost. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to just go exploring. Being a more technical trail, it is important to ride within your capabilities. Contains one steep pinch climb, if you get off and push the bike up this section, you won’t be the first. Has one serious drop off section of about 1.5 metres and care should be taken, there is an alternative B-Line on the right about 30 metres before the drop off.

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Bald Hill and Quarry trails.

Bald Hill and Quarry key


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